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Urine-Analyzers at Nightclubs to Measure Blood Alcohol

Posted by Aaron J. Wolff | Jul 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

Urine analyzers are now being installed at nightclubs that can measure whether it is safe for you to drive. Well at least one club -- in Singapore -- has taken this drastic measure to help combat the deadly effects of drunk driving, reports the Huffington Post.

The urinals at the Zouk nightclub are reportedly outfitted with a detector that can analyze the blood alcohol level of men. However, besides being just a novel gimmick, the nightclub has actually put some teeth behind its stance against drunk driving.

When entering the club, club patrons are required to exchange their car keys for a computerized card. If the patron uses the urinal and tests above the legal driving limit, the card is tagged. At the end of the night, a club valet will scan the card when retrieving the patron's car to determine if it is safe for the individual to drive home.

However, the club cannot actually force a drunk driver not to drive. Instead, the valet will suggest to the driver that he call a cab or find some other way home. And of the 573 patrons who tested positive in the first two weeks of the program's existence, 342 did opt to call a cab or taxi service.

Closer to home, some clubs in the U.S. have also taken unconventional steps to prevent drunk driving. For example, one club in New York offers free cab rides to obviously drunk customers.

Nightclubs and bars may bear some responsibility for accidents caused by drunk drivers leaving their establishments. As a result, these businesses may come up with novel ways to combat the problem like having a "smart" urinal.

In the meantime, individuals who have been arrested for a DUI in the Seattle or King County areas should know that they face serious penalties for a DUI. These penalties can include mandatory jail time and monetary fines even for a first time DUI.

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