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A driver arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence by a Trooper in King County will typically be taken to one of several precincts for the breath test. A person arrested in Seattle for DUI is usually taken to the University of Washington Police Department, WSP Roanoke Office or one of the several Seattle Police Department's precincts. A person arrested on the eastside (Kirkland or Bellevue) for DUI will usually be taken to the WSP District Office in eastgate or the Kirkland or Bellevue Police Departments for the breath test.

It is very common for a driver arrested for DUI by WSP in King County to be booked into the King County Correctional Facility after the breath test (even for people who have no criminal record and were completely cooperative with the Trooper). The person will either be released several hours later on their own “personal recognizance” (PR) or after posting bail (usually in the amount of $1000.00).

Historically, it would take the King County Prosecutor several weeks to months to file a DUI charge after a driver was arrested.  After there was an article in the Seattle Times regarding this delay in filing DUI cases, the prosecutor's office changed their procedure and charges were filed within a few weeks after their arrest.  But due to major budget cuts at the county level, we have seen a longer delay in the filing of charges as of late.

Seattle, Redmond and Regional Justice Center District Court DUI Case Information

Formal criminal charges are brought by the state's largest prosecuting agency- the King County Prosecutor's office. There is generally a delay of anywhere from a few weeks to several months for the prosecutor to file charges. If a person is held in custody after their arrest they must appear before a judge within a few weeks.  If they have been released or have posted bail, they can expect their first court appearance to typically be between 3-4 weeks after their arrest.

A driver accused of a King County DUI charge will have their case filed in one of three different county district courts- Seattle (located at the King County Courthouse on 3rd and James), Redmond (located at 8601 160th Ave NE in Redmond) or the Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent (located at 401 4th Avenue North in Kent).  After the prosecutor formally files the charge in one of the three courts, the driver will receive a summons to appear for an arraignment.

The 3 courts saw a total of 3682 DUI or Physical Control cases filed in 2013. There were 1188 drivers convicted of a DUI or Physical Control in the Seattle, Redmond and Maleng Regional Justice divisions of the King County District Court in 2012. For 2013 King County DUI arrest statistics see the Washington Court Reports.  For 2014, there was a significant decrease in DUI and Physical Control charges brought by the King County Prosecutor with 2721 cases filed according to Washington Court Reports.

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