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If you're arrested for a Mercer Island DUI by a police officer, will have court in the Mercer Island Municipal Court located in the City Hall Complex (9611 SE 36th St).

You will likely be released at the end of the investigation. You are not given a citation or notice of a court date, as a Mercer Island DUI charge is filed via investigation. The officer will complete their report and submit it to the City Attorney's office for review and filing of charges. Once DUI charges are filed, the court sets an arraignment date and will mail out a notice.

Typically, a person arrested for a Mercer Island DUI receives a summons anywhere from one to five weeks following the arrest.

Court for a Mercer Island DUI is always on Tuesday mornings. The first court appearance (arraignment) is held at 9am. The following court appearance (pre-trial conference) is on Tuesday mornings at 10am. The prosecutor typically does not appear at the arraignment but is always at all subsequent court appearances.

Mercer Island's City Attorney is Katie Knight. The City contracts with a private law firm for an attorney to serve as its prosecutor. Currently, the DUI Prosecutor for the City of Mercer Island is Brian Zuanich. The Judge for the City of Mercer Island is the Honorable Wayne Stewart (who also previously served as Prosecutor for several years).

Most police officers for the City have in-car video cameras that record their DUI investigations and arrests. A request for the in-car video can be made directly via a request with the City Attorney's Office.

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