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If you're arrested by a Sammamish police officer within the city limits, you will be taken to the Sammamish Police Department located at 801 228th Ave SE.

Sammamish police officers are actually King County Sheriff's deputies who are contracted with the city to provide law enforcement services. These officers will be driving Sammamish police vehicles and wear Sammamish police uniforms. None of the Sammamish police vehicles are equipped with recording devices nor are there any in the police department.

You will typically be released at the end of the investigation. On occasion, you may be booked into the Issaquah City Jail.

The City of Sammamish contracts with attorney Lynn Moberly to perform their DUI prosecutions.

People arrested for a Sammamish DUI will have their case filed via investigation, which usually occurs within 1-3 weeks after their arrest (unless there is a blood draw which will delay the filing of the charge).

Court proceedings are at the King County District Court- Issaquah Courthouse located at 5415 220th Ave SE in Issaquah.

The Honorable Michael Finkle is the judge assigned to the Issaquah Courthouse and is generally presiding for a Sammamish DUI charge. The city of Sammamish only has court proceedings on a few days each month.

(Ms. Moberly) is typically not present at the first appearance (arraignment), but will be at all subsequent hearings.

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