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If you're arrested by an Issaquah police officer within the city limits, your criminal case will be filed in the Issaquah Municipal Court, located at 135 East Sunset Way in Issaquah.

You will likely be taken to the Issaquah Police Department (located across the street from the court) for the breath test.

Frequently, you will be directly booked into the Issaquah jail and required to post bail in order to be released (approximately $500, which can be obtained via the cash machine in the jail).

Police officers in Issaquah do not have video cameras in their vehicles. There is a video camera in the Issaquah Police Department, which captures the breath test process. The video from the station may be obtained via a direct request to the police department.

You will usually have your first court appearance (arraignment) approximately 3-6 weeks after the incident (although it may take longer if there was a blood test instead of a breath test).

The City of Issaquah contracts with attorney Lynn Moberly to perform their DUI prosecutions. Ms. Moberly has prosecuted Issaquah DUI cases for well over 10 years. She also has several junior attorneys who assist her in court. The judge for the City of Issaquah is The Honorable N. Scott Stewart, who in addition to serving as a jurist is also a practicing attorney.

It is very common for the prosecutor to seek very stringent “conditions of release” at a person's arraignment, including:  bail, installation of an ignition interlock device or even a SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) device. This is an ankle bracelet that detects alcohol through a person's perspiration.  Not only is it very cumbersome, but it is quite expensive.

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