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No Oversight for Companies Monitoring DUI Offenders?

Posted by Aaron J. Wolff | Oct 07, 2013 | 0 Comments

Private companies are supposed to supervise DUI offenders across Washington state that are sentenced to home detention instead of jail. However, there is questionable oversight over these private companies, reports The Seattle Times.

Electronic home detention is an attractive solution for many offenders. Instead of wasting tax dollars on sending an individual to jail, the individual himself pays the costs to install electronic equipment in his home that will monitor his compliance with the home detention.

Private companies have established themselves across the state to offer this service and some of these companies have now marketed themselves directly to the offenders. This is where problems may occur.

For example, in some jurisdictions, individuals may be shopping for the cheapest or most lenient electronic home detention company. As a result, these companies may try to make themselves more attractive to offenders by cutting prices, offering lax oversight, and other means that may run counter to the penal nature of the program.

Currently, there are no laws in place that provide standards for what constitutes adequate electronic home monitoring as well as how companies should report attendance and curfews. There also is not much supervision over the companies that monitor DUI offenders. For example, their employees are not required to undergo background checks. As a result, the Seattle Times is reporting that there is some impetus to regulate this area.

So far there are no concrete proposals in place on this topic. But with significant overhaul of Washington DUI laws this year, it would not be a surprise if regulation of electronic home detentions companies gained some traction. If you have any questions about electronic home detention or other DUI penalties, contact the Seattle DUI attorneys at Wolff Criminal Defense by calling 425-284-2000.

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