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Maryland Man Charged With Drunk Driving at Drunk Driving Forum

Posted by Aaron J. Wolff | Mar 26, 2014

This may be described as either tasteless or ironic. A Maryland man attending a drunk driving victim impact panel was allegedly drunk himself, reports The Associated Press. Alvin Powell, 66, came to a sign-in table at the DUI victim panel meeting after just driving to the event and was visibly drunk. It's not clear if he planned on attending the event, but the authorities were called and he now faces DUI charges.

The DUI victim panel was intended for DUI offenders to meet their victims. Powell was reportedly giving a ride to an acquaintance of his who was ordered to attend following a drunk driving incident. Unfortunately, Powell apparently did not give too much consideration to his own intoxication or to where he was driving when he decided to give the ride.

When police searched Powell's vehicle, they discovered another 66-year-old man in the vehicle, Ronald Lynch, who had an open container of alcohol and a cooler of beer. Powell was charged with a DUI and Lynch was charged with consumption of alcohol on public property.

This case in Maryland goes to show the complete lack of common sense that some individuals display. However, you should know that most DUI defendants are not total boneheads. In fact, in many cases, the authorities are overzealous and there is no merit to the arrest.

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