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Man Arrested for DUI in Electric Shopping Cart

Posted by Aaron J. Wolff | Jul 01, 2013 | 0 Comments

An Alaska man was charged with a DUI after being arrested for drunk driving in a motorized shopping cart, reports The Washington Times.

Along with the DUI charge, 63-year-old Merrill Moses was also charged with trying to make a getaway with stolen cookies and cake mix. Moses was reportedly well-known at the grocery store as being a troublemaker. In the past, he allegedly tried to run over employees who attempted to stop him from driving drunk in the same shopping cart.

A preliminary test of Moses' blood alcohol level revealed that he was riding the shopping cart at nearly four times the legal limit. He has a record for drunk driving, drinking in public, and violating open container laws.

It's always strange to read about someone getting arrested for drunk driving in something other than a car. However, these arrests do happen. Individuals have been arrested for drunk driving vehicles like a horse a buggy, wheelchair, and even electric shopping cart. In addition, we wrote just last month of how a passenger in a car was charged with driving drunk when she momentarily took over the wheel for her sober and texting friend.

Generally, someone may be arrested for a DUI in Washington state if they are impaired while operating a vehicle. A vehicle is not necessarily limited to a car. In addition, someone could face charges even if their blood alcohol level is below 0.08. Basically, if your driving is impaired by alcohol, you could be charged with a crime regardless of your specific blood alcohol content.

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