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Don't Drive Like They Do In The Movies

Posted by Aaron J. Wolff | Jan 03, 2017 | 0 Comments

Many action movies feature a high-speed car chase scene. For many, many reasons the characters end up chasing each other through the streets, driving at high speeds, making sudden turns, and causing all sorts of mayhem. One movie franchise that is particularly known for its intense driving scenes is The Fast and the Furious. The first movie was released in 2001 and starred Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. There have been six subsequent films in the last 15 years and the eight installment is set to be released in April of 2017.

Though crazy car chase sequences make for a great action movie, in real life, speeding, swerving, and other unsafe driving behavior puts everyone on the road at risk. In addition, driving recklessly could result in the driver facing numerous criminal charges that carry heavy fines and jail time. One intoxicated driver is learning this the hard way after he tried to drive like they do in The Fast and the Furious movies on the highways of Seattle.

On December 7th, Stephen Thrash Brant decided to get behind the wheel of his white Ford Crown Victoria while high on both heroine and meth. Brant began his driving escapades during the early evening. The Washington State Patrol stated that they started getting calls come from concerned citizens about a hit and run driver around 5 PM. Brandt was traveling on the northbound I-5 and struck the first vehicle near the Michigan Street exit. He would hit a total of four cars on the freeway. He then "took the exit to South Columbian Way, but he ended up driving the wrong way to the West Seattle Freeway." Brandt went on to strike another two vehicles while driving on the ramp before exiting his car and leaving it behind. He then went on foot to South Airport Way. He allegedly may have gone into a business there and looked himself in before being told to leave by an employee.

His antics continued after he left the business. Brandt "ran into traffic on Airport Way South, jumped on top of a vehicle, and when the driver pulled over, [he] slid off, breaking the car's side-view mirror." He then entered another vehicle but the driver of that car was able to get the keys away from Brandt. Another person helped the driver get Brandt out of the car. Police then arrived on the scene and were able to take Brandt into custody.

According to court documents, a state trooper stated that "'The defendant stated that he had smoked meth and thought that he was part of ‘Fast and Furious.'" Brandt allegedly also told the officer that "'. . . he had set the record for the farthest distance and most damage for the game.'" He is being held on $1 million bail and is being investigated for "attempted robbery, driving under the influence, trespassing, resisting arrest and nine counts of hit-and-run."

This wasn't Brandt's first run in with the law. He had just been arrested for DUI after allegedly driving while under the influence of methamphetamines just a day before his 'Fast and Furious' escapes.

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