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A Very Strange Seattle DUI Arrest

Posted by Aaron J. Wolff | Apr 30, 2012 | 0 Comments

Early Saturday morning this past weekend, a person called 911 to report his 2009 Audi as stolen. The 911 caller, also referred to as the "victim" in the police report, assisted police in locating his "stolen" vehicle when informing the 911 operator that the vehicle was on Swift Avenue South heading north. Seattle Police Officers were able to locate the vehicle rather quickly with this information.

When police approached the vehicle, they discovered the "victim" sitting in the passenger seat. Next to him in the driver's seat was his friend. Police discovered the reason the "victim" called 911 was an attempt to prevent his impaired friend from driving the vehicle. And because it was such a bold lie, the "victim" was also arrested for making a false report. This story was reported by the Seattle Times and can be found here.

As a Seattle DUI attorney, I have seen and heard my fair share of bizarre Seattle DUI arrests over the years. The reason this one is so unusual is because the 911 caller was trying to do the right thing (preventing an impaired driver from driving). But to call 911 and say his vehicle was stolen while he was riding in the passenger seat? Really?!?! It makes you wonder whether intoxication by the caller/"victim"/passenger led him to create such a ridiculous report.

Because these two cases will be filed in the Seattle Municipal Court, I suspect the driver and 911 caller will be in court the next few days for their arraignment. I wonder whether the City Attorney's office will attempt to have these two cases joined if they proceed to trial? While the driver might face stiffer penalties (mandatory jail, license suspension, interlock) if convicted for a Seattle DUI, the 911 caller faces a criminal charge with the underpinnings of dishonesty.

More information about the court process for a Seattle DUI arrest can be found here.

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