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New Boating Under Influence Law Set to Pass

Posted by Unknown | Apr 09, 2013 | 0 Comments

A new boating under the influence law is set to pass in Washington State.

The new law will treat boating under the influence much closer to driving under the influence. Some say the change is long overdue as the state has treated driving under the influence very seriously with both felony and misdemeanor penalties, while the maximum penalty for boating under the influence is a misdemeanor charge, reports KEPR TV.

With the new law, the potential penalties for boating under the influence will match those of a DUI. In addition, implied consent laws will also apply to boaters. This means that boaters will no longer be able to refuse a Breathalyzer test with impunity. Like drivers, boaters would face penalties for the mere act of refusing the breath test.

Finally, the new boating law would also address marijuana use. The same limit of 5.0 THC for drivers will also apply to boaters.

The current boating under the influence laws had been much maligned. Some argued that boating under the influence is more dangerous than driving under the influence as a boater has to deal with more elements than a driver and there are no clearly demarcated roads for them to travel. In addition, boaters may have to navigate through a variety of crafts in the water such as other boats, swimmers, and inner-tubes carrying children.

If passed, the new boating under the influence law could go into effect very soon.

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